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Permanently Delete Facebook Account

How To Permanently Delete Facebook Account ?

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Hello Guys , This Article is very useful for whom who want's to remove their identity from internet ASAP(as soon as possible). Didn't get it ? No Problem let's talk about it briefly, Have you ever think that you don't need your Facebook account anymore? If yes, then there are many reason's to Ditch Facebook. Sometimes you worried about your security or privacy or sometimes you think you are getting addicted to social media sites so you want to take some break or just remove your identity from the Internet or Lot's of reasons.

There are two ways to stay away from the account. First is Deactivate Your Account or the Second one is Delete Your Account.
If you choose Deactivate account option then this is the reversible, you can use your account in future if you change your mind in future.
But if you don't want to use your account anymore then choose Delete account option.

Permanently Delete Facebook Account

  1. Click on the "Question Mark" icon in the upper right-hand corner, click on the search option and search "delete Facebook account".
Permanent account delete
Permanent account delete

Click on the result that says "How do I permanently delete my Facebook account."Now scroll down the Article till the end and you see "Let us know" link. Before Delete option it also give's the deactivate option, you can choose one of them. or Click the delete my Account.
Put your Password, Submit Captcha and Hit OK.
That's it.

Or you can Directly go through this link ⏬⏬⏬

This whole Process take upto 30 days after submitting your request to delete your Facebook account.Before getting deleted your account will be in deactivate state. During this period if you want to cancel your request to delete the account then you can cancel it within 14 days.

Hope this Article help you A lot. If you want any help related this , Feel free to comment below.
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