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How to make a chat room

Chat Room

Ram Ram,
In this article, we will discuss how anonymous hackers communicate with each other, so they can not track.
This article is very useful for those who really want to do some anonymous activity on internet which is not traceable.
Even web browser won't store what you do on the internet or not even any browser who track.
All you guys know that when we chat someone on social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Even after deleting the chat, the chat history recovers from the server. 
So in case anonymous would talk secretly to each other then they use the best method to hide their identity. So no one can trace their activities.

Is it really possible to create anonymously chatroom?

Well, to be frank, it is possible.
So I show you a simple method which is very useful if you can talk secretly with your secret friend.

First, you have to create the channel where you can talk & for creating the channel put the URL( on the tab. the channel name is whatever you want. for the first time, it's pop-up for the name, where you should enter the name of the user which displayed to another friend & the same procedure followed by another person.
You just simply copy the URL of the channel and send it to another friend.
Remember that do not close the channel.
You can share the URL to the friend whom you talk.
Remember one thing that the created channel and chat history valid till the browser tab open.
When you close the browser tab in which the URL is loaded, the chat history and anonymous channel deleted.
You have to create another channel for the next time when you talk.
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