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What is URL Expander and How its work?


Ram Ram
In this article, we discuss
 URL functionality and how it works. and how to check about the shorter URL, where it can redirect. Is it safe or not? There are a lot of things we discuss URL in this article. So read this article

What is the URL? 

URL stands for Uniform Resource locater. Which is used to locate the resources on the Internet.
It's work as an address on the internet.  A URL contains three parts, the first one is protocol second one is hostname or address and the third one is resource location.
A simple example of the URL is-----


But nowadays people use URL Shortner for earning money and almost it's help people because of its shrink the URL. But as you all know that some drawbacks also available for this technology, Many people share Spamming Links and the target audience won't know that whats the URL or where the URL redirect.
So In this article, we discuss how to expand the URL before visiting the website, or you can check that the URL is safe or not, So we discuss URL Expander.

What is URL Expander and Purpose of URL Expander?

URL Expander allows you to retrieve the original URL from a shortened link before clicking on it and visiting the destination.
It Unshort any URL to a long URL masked by any URL - shortener. 

It safely retrieves the reallocation of shortened links, potentially unmasking malicious URLs.

There are lot's of websites available to Expand the URL but I mention some of them which I used. 

GetLinkInfo is a tool to get information about a link before visiting it. It supports almost all the URL shortening services like -,, tinyurl, or any other shortening services.
This tool gives information about a webpage title and description.

Here you see in the above image that shows all the information of the URL that where can it redirect or it is safe or not how many external links are connected with this URL.
 This is another tool which is also used to unmask the URL. But it only shows the main URL where it can redirect. It won't show the full details about the URL, but I also used it.

Here you see in the above image that shows information about the URL. But it won't show the full information about the URL, it simply shows the main URL where it can redirect. 

You can try various tools which is available on the internet to unmask the URL. you can also use them, I used above mention tool so I explain about them. and all these websites provide sufficient information about the URL.
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If you want to know that how to short the URL then feel free to comment below I'll explain about it.

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