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Solved: Google AdSense “Site down or unavailable” problem

Google AdSense “Site down or unavailable” problem


If you have applied for Google Adsense and Google Adsense reject your site for the reason that your site is not ready to show  ads "Site down or unavailable".

1. Site Down or Unavailable

We found that your site was down or unavailable. We suggest that you check your application to see if there was a typo in the URL that you submitted. When your site is operational, you can resubmit your application. We’ll be happy to take another look at your application.
site down or unavailable
site down or unavailable

If you are unable to solve this problem then you are at the right place.

There are so many reason for this rejection:

1. Your robots.txt file is blocking access from completing its review of your site. So check your robots.txt file that starts with these given codes or not. If it starts with these lines then ok. otherwise, update your robots.txt file.

User-agent: *

Disallow: /search

Or Make sure your robots.txt file has not the following lines.
User-agent: Mediapartners-Google


2. If  you have removed the above lines of code from robots.txt file then go to Google Search Console > then select your site > Go to the old Version > Crawl > Robots.txt Tester > Now remove existing data from the console after that copy and paste the new robots.txt file data and then Click on Submit.

3. Make sure you have submitted the Sitemap of your site in Google search Console and your site is indexed in Google.

4. Your site should not have broken links, check and find broken links from your site and remove them.

5. This is very important that your site should open also without www when it is searched on Google.

e.g.- or your side should automatically redirect from non-www ( to www ( when it is searched on google.

6. If your site does not open without www or the site does not redirect from non-www to www automatically then you should set Domain forwarding in your DNS management settings.


Find the above issue in your site and fix them and after that  reapply for google Adsense. If you have still any problem then feel free to comment . I'll happy to assist you.


  1. I think my problem is the robots.txt but I have resubmitted in Google search console. Also in search console my menu categories are blocked by to fix that My website is

    1. can you share some more detail about it so i try to me on my email or FB messenger....

  2. Please am facing this same issue what should I do i need help

    1. do the same as mentioned on the above steps.. if it doesn't work then let me know about this on my fb page or on whatsapp....

  3. Replies
    1. do the same and if you still face the issue then contact me on my whatsapp number or on My Facebook Page...

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