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Discord Free Chat & Voice for Gamers: Review & Tutorial 2019


This Article is very useful for gamers. In this Article we Discuss About an Application which is used to communicate via chat or voice over the internet. Discord is famous / popular now days in gamers. Discord create a channel and provide  a unique ID to connect. and then people put that ID and connect, it means we create a chat ROOM .


Discord is a platform specially Designed for gaming Communities, that specialize in text, image , audio and video communication between users in a Channel.
In simple words, Discord is an application software freely available for Gamers to Communicate over the internet in a Channel.
it is available for Android  OS, Mac OS and Windows OS, so everyone easily used this. Or you can use it Directly without Downloading.


discord interface
discord interface

Every Discord user is a Unique Four-Digit number Identification Display after "#". It Helps to find the other friends easily.
The Software is totally free but if you want some Extra Features like- Special Emoji or Stickers then you have to pay for that.
The Discord client is build on the Electron framework using Web technologies, which help's it to use at multi-platform or Directly on the web and installed it on the Personal Computer.

This Software is support eleven data center's / Server's For Better Performance and Provide Better Performance During Communication.
First You Create your Channel and then you have to put your USER ID and then it open's. After that Click on "PLUS" sign from the left side.
and then it show's this you can join your friends Channel Or you can create you own channel by simply choosing your channel and that's  it.
 It's very easy to use and provide friendly environment. Must use once.....
If you Download it just simply type on google "DISCORD" and open first link or you can simply type discordappdotcom.
Hope you Enjoy this Article , if you have any Query Related this Article feel free to ask.

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