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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Men


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs at Google

The Technology industry is  wide and consider as best paying industry in the world. and you all know that this is a Digital world. Each and everyone is upgrade himself/herself to Digitally.
The Growth in technology Industry is slightly increased. The Technical world there is a exceptional demand for people with technical skill.

Google, which comes across Top Tech companies in the world or everyone use google search engine is bascially a engineering firm is ready to pay highest packages to their engineers.
But , it is not just the programmers who is highly paid at google , but also their deserving candidates such as the marketing executives, finance executives and legal counselors and many other's.

 Recently, Business insiders gave an insight of the highest packages that Google offers to their employee's. Business insiders used the annual salary data from glassdoor . It is an online employment company.

The list below shown the top 10 highest-paying Jobs at Google 
  •  Engineering Director 

            salary - $283,500    

It has the responsibility of supervising all aspects of engineering within a company. According to carrier building website Monster , this kind of job required 10 years of experience in the field.

  • Group Product Manager

            salary - $253,905

Every Google Project needs a Product manager , who is the connection point of interaction with sales, software engineers ,  Marketing Managers and almost every point in project. 

  • Director

            salary -  $247,500

A Director at Google is expected to bring superior leadership skills to the company to lead and manage team and keep each and everyone focused on their goal.

  • Senior staff Software Engineer

           salary - $242,500

The Highest paid employees at google are its senior software engineer's.Because they lead their team in the Department.whether  be it Google Adword, Google Adsense or any other Division of the Company.
  • Marketing Director

           salary - $234,741

The Job of Marketing Director is aware the People's about Google Offers and newly Launched items.What Google offer to users spread all these information to the world wide through conference, news channels or any other platforms.

  • Senior Software Engineering Manager

           salary - $205,290

At Google Highly-in-demand job is senior software engineering manager.Because they are very experienced Programming pro, They leads the team of coders.

  • Senior Product Manager

           salary - $201,600

 Like the Group Product Manager, a senior  Product Manager is also an equally important job at Google.As they Bring various engineering team together to achieve their Goal.

  • Staff Software Engineer

           salary - $200,992

Engineers at Google need to be excellent in solving Complex Problems.This is why the Company was once known for challenging job candidates with puzzling brain teasers.According to the Glassdoor , Google's Salary for this position is 60% higher then the national average.

  • Engineering Manager II

           salary - $192,000

It is the Supervises team of Engineer's who would be responsible for Development, Tests, Creating new Google Products and improving existing ones.

  • Product Manager III

           salary - $185,000

In this Job it's supervise various Projects dealing with company products and keep everyone innvolved.


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