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How To Add Specific Featured Image/Thumbnail In Blog Post

How To Add Specific Featured Image/Thumbnail In Blog Post?

This Article is very useful for whom , who is new on blogger . You all know that if a post look attractive , then atleast once the user try to read . For attract someone you provide a short Description of your post on Thumbnail , so they well know about the post. Thumbnail Describe the Post in a Beautiful Manner to the user's.If the Thumbnail is eye-catchy then it attracts the more visitor's.
A post without a Thumbnail is like a Bird without Wings. 

By Default , the blogger takes the first image as a thumbnail of a post , but you can Modify/Customize it according to you. So In this tutorial , i show you how to set customize thumbnail in the Blogger Post.
So Without Wasting your time let's get started.....

How to upload Image in Blog post Editor :-

To add a Feature image in the blogger just follow these simple Steps.
Simply go to Blogger  >> New Post  >> and Tape "Insert Image". You can use this wizard for uploading existing image's available on Google Albums or Simply Browse from the Computer.

insert image button blogger
insert image button blogger
Add Image
Add Image

After Uploading the image, which you make thumbnail of the post , just do few things .

Right Click on the image which you make a featured image no matter where or at which place it inserted "copy the image url" or you can select "Edit HTML" from the top left corner and copy the image url . It Looks Like :-
copy image address
copy image address

Adding Featured Image/Thumbnail in Blogger :-

After getting the image URL. You just need to add few HTML Code in the Post via "HTML Editor" at the top .

<img src="image-URL" style="display:none;">

⏩Replace "image-URL" with the URL of the image you copied in above steps.
⏩Make Sure you add this code at the Beginning of Post Editor.

That's it you can easily Add featured image in any post by simply following these steps.



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